1.1   -   Analysis of EU policies and legal frameworks for establishing the third mission of universities
1.2   -   Policy seminar on the third mission of universities
1.3   -   Analysis of strategies and laws in the Republic of Serbia supporting the development of the third mission
1.4   -   Analysis of the regulatory documents and existing structures for all three dimensions of third mission activities at seven Serbian HEIs
1.5   -   Benchmarking analysis and recommendations
2.1   -   Consensus meetings on revision of legal framework and polices in Republic of Serbia
2.2   -   Development of new policies and law amendments for establishing the third mission of Serbian universities
2.3   -   Development of new and modification of existing universities’ regulatory documents in compliance with new policies and law amendments
2.4   -   Capacity building programme for university staff (managers, trainers, administrators) for implementation of the new legal framework for the third mission
2.5   -   Development and publication of Operational manual for implementation of the third mission with recommendations to faculties/institutes/high schools
2.6   -   Elaboration of Final report on implementation of third mission activities and their impact in Serbia
3.1   -   Setting-up five new and upgrading two existing INNO platforms for innovation management at seven Serbian HEIs
3.2   -   Trainings for INNO platforms’ users
3.3   -   Five two-day Workshops “Methodology guide for innovation”
3.4   -   National competition for (BSc, MSc, PhD) best ideas of students
3.5   -   Improving TRL level through implementation of proof-of-concept programme for selected research ideas
3.6   -   IP valuation and commercialization strategy for selected research teams
4.1   -   Defining integrative university approach in continuing education dimension
4.2   -   Development and delivery of training on IP management
4.3   -   Development and delivery of training on market strategy
4.4   -   Development and delivery of start-up training
4.5   -   Improving the faculties’ study programmes including entrepreneurship and IP management topics
4.6   -   Final assessment of continuing education activities and follow up recommendations
5.1   -   Defining universities’ social engagement plans
5.2   -   Establishing of five Creativity Centers in Serbia
5.3   -   Development and delivery workshops on entrepreneurship and creative thinking for pupils and students
5.4   -   Non-discipline volunteering by students
5.5   -   Unlocking and mobilizing university resources to society and enterprises needs
5.6   -   Open-innovation campaigns on INNO platforms in collaboration with enterprises
6.1   -   Developing quality control and monitoring manual
6.2   -   Defining metrics for third mission activities
6.3   -   Internal project monitoring
6.4   -   Monitoring metrics for third mission activities
7.1   -   Elaboration of Dissemination and exploitation plan
7.2   -   Design of the project visual identity
7.3   -   Design and upgrade the project web site
7.4   -   Defining institutional policies to promote university third mission dimensions and activities
7.5   -   Good practices on Technology transfer and Innovation activities at Serbian universities
7.6   -   10 Info days and other raising awareness events
7.7   -   Final Conference on university third mission
8.1   -   Elaboration of Manual for contractual and financial management
8.2   -   Overall project management
8.3   -   Local project management
8.4   -   Steering Committee meetings
8.5   -   Reporting