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The National Finals of the Competition for Best Student Idea was organized on 1st December, 2017 at Serbian  Chamber of Commerce. 

Eleven best teams from local competitions held on seven Serbian higher education institutions participated at the National Finals:

1. Aqua green
3. DBI Invest
4. Dream Team
5. Green Tourist Info
6. Imuno Team
7. Interaktivno pozorište
8. M^3
9. Popularity Wolves
10. Tim ABW
11. Totalna konfuzija (view more)

Visit to the University of Maribor
Visit to the University of Maribor was realized in the period from 22 to 25 October, 2017. Participants were students from Serbian higher education institutions, who were among best teams at the Competition for best student idea and staff from University of Kragujevac.
During the visit the participants exchanged experiences and learned more about the examples of good practices in the areas of management of innovation and technology transfer activities.


Video materials

Local finals

University of Kragujevac

University of Belgrade

University of Novi Sad

University of Niš

State University of Novi Pazar

University Metropolitan Belgrade

Technical College of Applied Sciences in Zrenjanin


Metodologija za takmičenje

Više informacija o svakom lokalnom takmičenju na sledećim linkovima:

 Univerzitet u Kragujevcu 

 Univerzitet u Beogradu 

 Univerzitet u Novom Sadu 

 Univerzitet u Nišu 

 Državni univerzitet u Novom Pazaru 

 Univerzitet Metropolitan Beograd 

 Visoka tehnička škola strukovnih studija u Zrenjaninu 

Methodology for the competition

Activity 3.4. "National competition for (BSc, MSc, PhD) best ideas of students aims to organize seven local competitions in higher education institutions, followed by the final national competition for the best student idea. For this purpose, methodology for competition was developed which defines  goals, target groups as well as details related to the rules and phases of the competition. The methodology describes the use of inno student platforms, application itself and process of registration, adding ideas, user roles, work within the platform, scoring process, etc. Guide for the competition and instructions for writing business model is also included in this methodology. 

Promotion of the Competition for best student idea






Six teams from Competition for best student idea participated at third “Youth Business Forum 2017”
The third five-day conference of young entrepreneurship “Youth Business Forum 2017” was organized on Avala near Belgrade. The conference was organized by Youth Business Forum with support of Serbian Development Agency.
This year conference gathered 30 innovative teams from all parts of Serbia who during the five-day program had chance to work with expert mentors from areas of marketing, sales, financing, laws, business plan development, etc. They also met the most successful Serbian entrepreneurs who shared their experiences gained on their way to successful business stories.