On Tuesday, June 19, 2018, at 12 am at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade a competition for the Best Student Idea for the University of Belgrade teams was held.

The Competition included three teams with their creative and innovative ideas, which have confirmed their entrepreneurial spirit, imagination and great potential through numerous audience and supporters on YouTube.

The jury was composed of: prof. PhD Žaklina Stojanović (Faculty of Economics, Belgrade), prof. PhD Slađana Benković (Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade), PhD Milan Radovanović (Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad), PhD Nataša Ćirović (Scientific Technology Park Zvezdara) and PhD Nataša Kecman (Chamber of Commerce of Serbia) chose the ideas "Rentijer" (1st prize) and "ReWear" (2nd prize) to go to the next round of the competition - to the national finals!

Both awards went to the students of the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade. The awarded students will receive business support (space, training, etc.) from the Scientific and Technological Park Zvezdara, as well as expert support of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Members of the first-ranked team will receive a prize-winning trip to visit the University of Krems, Austria.


List of participants