The Creativity Center of the University of Kragujevac was established within the ERASMUS project "Institutional Framework for the Development of the Third Mission of Universities in Serbia", IF4TM, coordinated by the University of Kragujevac, and implemented in partnership with 17 other partners from 6 countries and financed by the European Union fund within ERASMUS + program with more than 966000 euros.

The vision of the Center is to foster the creativity and innovativeness of young people, students and talented pupils, and thus contribute to the creation of an environment in which they can realize their greatest entrepreneurial and innovative potential.

The opening of the Creativity Center, located on the first floor of A building of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences, was attended by the Rector of the University of Kragujevac, prof. Dr. Nenad Filipović, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Prof. Dr. Dobrica Milovanović, and manager of IF4TM Erasmus project, Prof. Dr. Vesna Mandić. The students were also greeted by prof. Dr. Marjan Leber from the partner University of Maribor, who after the opening ceremony held the first workshop entitled "With creative thinking to a multitude of ideas and the development of innovations".

What distinguishes the Creative Center of the University of Kragujevac from others university units is an innovative approach in working with students, an environment that encourages creativity, the development of ideas through team work, the development of innovations and entrepreneurial ventures by students and pupils.

Provided space and modern 3D equipment for implementation of the concept "from idea to market", the organization of open innovation campaigns with companies, competition for the best student idea, volunteering, networking, etc. are just some of the activities that will be realized in the center.

Within the Creativity Center a 3D workshop is equiped, where students will be able to test their ideas for product development and creative solutions, using 3D printers and 3D pens for rapid prototyping, 3D scanners for digitalisation, accompanying software and other computer equipment. The advantage of the Center is that it will be available to all university students and that the students will be included in the organization of the work of the center.


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