Entrepreneurship fair is organized by Serbian Association of Managers and DNA Communications supported by USAID and ENECA.

Main objective of the Fair is to promote development of entrepreneurship and to support people to start their own business initiatives.  Idea is to provide information, support, propositions and to create interconnection between local partners. This is eleventh and final fair, before this ten fairs were organized in Niš, Kruševac, Subotica, Sombor, Kragujevac, Leskovac, Užice, Beograd, Čačak and  Valjevo.

Fair was opened by USAID manager in Serbia  Azza El-Abd, and emphasised support for all activities which can strengthen entrepreneurship. Main focus is to strengthen entrepreneurship spirit and encourage people to develop and implement entrepreneurship ideas.

Mayor of Novi Pazar Nihad Bisevac also stated support to all local partners in order to promote entrepreneurship of young people and workers which lost employment during restructuring of the companies.

Main part of IF4TM project presentation was about development of third mission at Serbian HEIs. Partners and guests were interested in development of spaces for promotion of entrepreneurship among young people. Special attention was put on engagement of HEIs resources and mobilizing HEI resources in innovative projects developed by students and open-innovation campaigns were local entrepreneurs can provide problems they are facing and students and researcher can work on possible solutions. Representatives of National employment office branch in Novi Pazar expressed interest on all project related activities, and show willingness to support these activities.