A lecture and a workshop "Invention Protection through Intellectual Property Rights" was organised at the Creative Center of Metropolitan University in Niš on Thursday, May 23rd 2019. The lecture was held by the representatives of The Intellectual Property Office from Belgrade - Education and Information Center’s manager Daniela Zlatić-Šutić and patent engineer Saša Zdravković.

The lecture covered the following topics:

  • Types of Intellectual Property Rights - what is protected by which right (patent, trademark, design, copyright)
  • Invention protection through a patent and a petty patent - protection conditions and compiling a patent application
  • Workshop - Espacenet database search of existing patents and patent documents
  • Questions & Answers

After an introductory lecture on types of intellectual property rights and an explanation of what is protected by which right, with reference to practical examples, conditions for invention protection by a patent and a small patent were presented, as well as the process of compiling a patent application. Afterwards, a workshop was held on the search of existing patents and patent documents in the patents database Espacenet. Finally, representatives of The Intellectual Property Office answered a large number of audience questions regarding the protection of specific innovative solutions through different intellectual property rights.

Students were very satisfied with the acquired knowledge of how to protect visual identity, new technical solutions, software and other creations of the human mind, what can be protected at the Intellectual Property Office and what kind of protection they must take care of themselves, where to find solutions for their technical problems, as well as how to discover whether a specific company or an individual has protected a patent, design or trademark.

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