Within the ongoing project activities, the meeting of working groups (WG) leaders who will be engaged in the development of all three dimensions of the third mission at universities in Serbia, was held on Friday, 30 September 2016, in the Rectorate building of University of Niš. The participants of the meeting were:

  • Prof. Dr. Vesna Mandić, WG2 leader
  • Prof. Dr. Miladin Kostić, WG3 leader
  • Prof. Dr. Zoran Nikolić, WG4 leader
  • Dr. Staniša Perić, Team member of the University of Niš
  • Miodrag Spasić, Team member of the University of Niš

The aim of the meeting was to agree the methodology and principles of work within the working groups, communication and synchronization within the members of the group, delegating activities and monitoring achievements.

In addition, the tasks of the working groups were presented, as it was defined in Decisions on the establishment of working groups, and also with regard to the planned project activities in the project application.

List of participants