The seventh meeting of the Steering Committee of the IF4TM project was held at the University of Maribor on 22 and 23 February 2019, with the aim of presenting overall achievements on the project, analysing the ongoing activities and preparing and adopting a Action plan for the completion of all project activities by June 14 when the project ends.

The first day of the project was aimed at presenting the results achieved in the period from September 2018, as well as ongoing activities. The second day of the SC meeting was intended to present the results of management and reporting on the project, in particular financial reporting, spending budget analysis and budget closure plan. The audit revision procedures and EACEA requirements were also presented as audit will start from March 2019 with selected subcontractor, external auditor. Individual meetings of the partners with the coordinator of the project followed.

Attendance lists 22-23 February 2019