As part of the internal monitoring of the project (act6.3) and realization of the PoC project TorgSens (act3.5 and act3.6), representatives of the University of Kragujevac visited the University of Maribor on January 17 and 18, 2019. On that occasion, meetings were held with the members of the project team from Maribor related to the implemented project activities, applied quality control and procedures for technical and financial management. Also, aspects relating to the implementation of the PoC program, ie support to teams from Serbia in implementing projects in terms of consulting support, prototype validation, development of the commercialization strategy, etc., are also considered.

Members of PoC project TorqSens two laboratories during this visit, Laboratory of Electrical Machines (LEM) and Laboratory of Applied Electromagnetics (LAE). First day of visit was devoted to the testing of torque sensor prototype in LEM. It was discussed how it should be mounted to the existing equipment, what would be testing conditions and which results should be obtained from testing. The aim of this activity is to obtain valid results from a high-fidelity laboratory in order to confirm the results of initial testing performed in our laboratory at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak.

Second day of visit was devoted to the validation of torque sensor prototype through finite element analysis (FEA) of its 3D CAD/CAM model. Activities were performed in the LEA, were it was discussed firstly how to perform testing of steel shaft of the sensor and how to obtain its actual magnetic characteristics under applied torsional stress, as well as how to use such characteristic in FEA software and which result to obtain from simulations. The final aim of this activity is optimization of the sensor’s design through extensive simulations in order to obtain better sensitivity and to obtain better metrological performance.

List of participants