Visit to the University of Maribor was realized in the period from 22 to 25 October, 2017. Participants were students from Serbian higher education institutions, who were among best teams at the Competition for best student idea and staff from University of Kragujevac.

During the visit the participants exchanged experiences and learned more about the examples of good practices in the areas of management of innovation and technology transfer activities.

During the first day of the visit, the representatives of innovative company Talum gave a presentation regarding the management of innovation processes. They presented the procedures and mechanisms for boosting the innovativeness and generation of new ideas. Afterwards, they organized the tour to their company production lines in order to show the real-life examples of the successful implementation of the innovations.

At the beginning of the second day, a workshop was organized at the University of Maribor for all participants. The topics of this Crea Workshop was Searching and evaluating ideas. This section was targeted particularly to students as members of academic community and future carriers of third mission activities related to the process of improving the generation of student ideas and process of selection of most promising ones that can raise the technology transfer level at Serbian Universities and contribute to the realization of the third mission in general.

Apart from this, the visiting staff from University of Kragujevac has a meeting with the director of the TechnoCenter established by University of Maribor. The meeting topic was exchange of experiences and good practices in technology transfer activities at the University of Maribor related to the establishment and development of the Technology Transfer Center in Kragujevac (whose founder is University of Kragujevac).

After those sessions, all participants visited the Tovarna podjemov, the Incubator of University of Maribor. The purpose of the visit was to present the mechanisms for coordination and management of start-ups related activities. The representatives of Tovarna Podjemov shared their experience, support system and motivational activities they provide to innovative young people. During the visit, the representative of one successful start-up company shared his experiences in the process of establishing and running the start-up, focusing on the both motivation and barriers in such process. One-to-one consultations followed the session for all interested participants. 

List of participants 23.10.2017.
List of participants 24.10.2017.