A workshop "Elevator Pitch - Presentation Skills" for students who applied for the Competition for the best student idea was organised at the Creative Center of Metropolitan University in Niš on Wednesday, May 29th 2019. The workshop was held by MSc Ecc Milica Mladenović, Creative Center Manager and Teaching Assistant at Metropolitan University’s Faculty of Management.

The workshop covered the following topics:

  • Essential elements of a successful idea presentation in front of an investor - problem, solution, market, competition, business model, competitive advantage, competition, marketing plan, team, money (income and expenses), future vision and long-term strategy
  • Public speaking and communication - preparation, "Big Bang" start, introduction, content, presentation, communication skills, verbal and non-verbal communication, characteristics of an effective speaker
  • Workshop - students’ mock presentation

After presenting the essential elements of a successful idea presentation to a potential investor, students received guidelines on communication skills that are very important for effective public speaking. Afterwards, students developed creative ideas for their presentation upgrade in an interactive discussion. Finally, students had a mock presentation of their idea and received very constructive comments on achieving the wow effect with their presentation.

Students demonstrated a high level of presentation skills and team spirit during the workshop. Metropolitan University provides support in preparing its most active students for the presentation of their business idea to the competition jury.

List of participants