"Creativity is just intelligence having fun" - At our University on Thursday, March 5, 2019, our students had the opportunity to attend a creative workshop "With Creative Thinking to Many Ideas and Potential Innovations". The workshop was realized within the project "Institutional framework for the development of the third mission of universities in Serbia" and was held by respected professor Dr Iztok Palčić from the University of Maribor.

The workshop consisted of three parts:

- The introductory word on the project

- An introduction to creativity through brain games

- Presentation of creative template methods.

At the very beginning of the workshop, the project was presented, and then the professor introduced to students of our university the process of creative thinking through several brainstorming, concentration exercises and interesting mathematical tasks. Then, a method for creating a creative template is presented, which enables the development of new perceptions about the already existing product and provides the possibility of its improvement. Also, this method can be used to create innovative solutions creating a new connection that has not existed between different variables of the product before.

The students of all directions were delighted with the workshop and will be able to apply knowledge gained at the creative workshop in their work, regardless of their profession.

List of participants