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The project management structure defined here was officially adopted at the kick-off meeting (M2). The suggested structure provides efficiency and effectiveness of the Consortium as a whole in implementation of project activities and it includes the following:
The Project Coordinator (PC) - is responsible for overall project management (technical and operational), communication and reporting to EACEA, efficient use of the project grant, etc.
Steering Committee (SC) - decision-making body consisting of one representative (preferably the contact person) from each partner institution. SC will meet approximately twice a year (in combination with other project events due to cost efficiency) to discuss and review the progress of project activities, make decisions, approve deliverables and agree on any risk contingency measures.
Project Support Team (PST) - consisting of three members will be responsible for assisting the Project Coordinator in daily management activities.
Quality Assurance Project Team (QAPT) - consisted of 5 members from partner institutions experienced in quality assurance. The QAPT team is a direct support to the Project Coordinator in monitoring and assessing the quality of the project and its results, as well as development of Quality Control and Monitoring Manual.
WP leaders - responsible for monitoring of the overall progress of the WP and its activities.
Activity leaders - are in charge of monitoring the assigned activity, ensuring its quality level and timeliness, and active participation of other partners.

Decision on the Forming of IF4TM Management Structures