A visiting lecture "How to Position Products & Services on the Market Using Digital Marketing" was organised at the Creative Center of Metropolitan University in Niš on Thursday, June 6th 2019. The lecture was held by Ivan Bildi, owner of the digital marketing agency Likes & Cookies from Belgrade and lecturer at numerous national and regional conferences on online business and digital marketing, specializing in social media marketing.

The lecture covered the following topics:

  • Marketing in 2019 - changes & trends
  • What differentiates your product from the competition? - "different is better than better"
  • What is the position of your business and how can you improve it? - different brand name for different customer categories
  • How to get into your customer’s head and stay there? - marketing is a battle of perceptions, not products
  • How to promote products and services? - smart companies use focus strategy
  • Why is creating social media approach important? - honesty vs. arrogance in marketing

During the lecture, marketing changes and trends in 2019 were introduced. At the beginning, the importance of differentiating your company from the competition was stressed ("different is better than better"). Then it was emphasized that marketing is a battle of perceptions, not products. Therefore, it is important to find or create a customer category for which the company’s products are intended, with the advice to position the company under a different brand name among different customer categories. Given today’s availability of a large amount of information on the Internet, the importance of honesty in marketing was emphasized, as well as the crucial consideration of the characteristics and needs of the company’s target group. This is especially important in digital marketing, whereby having a long-term strategy is necessary, without constant change of tactics. Based on these pieces of advice, it was concluded that the company’s presentation on every digital platform should be well thought out, with an emphasis on the way of addressing customers and creating adequate content for the defined target group. After the lecture, a very interesting discussion was developed, where the audience could get practical advice, suggestions and answers to their numerous questions.

In addition to students, a large number of fellow citizens working in the field of digital marketing were also present at the lecture. The audience received practical advice on successful market approach and digital marketing that deliver successful business results, which encouraged them to think about different ways to improve their business afterwards. Metropolitan University enables students, pupils and fellow citizens to upgrade their knowledge and skills through cooperation with the business sector, practical application and development of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

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