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Wider objective:

To contribute to the establishment of institutional framework for the third mission of the universities in Serbia, encompassing three dimensions: technology transfer and innovation, continuing education and social engagement.

Specific project objectives:

SO1) To define legal and policy framework supporting the development of universities’ third mission in Serbia by M16

SO2) To adjust existing and define new legal framework at seven Serbian HEIs in line with national regulative requirements by M20

SO3) To develop technology transfer and innovation dimension of the third university mission, through INNO platforms for innovation management at seven Serbian HEIs, proof-of-concept programme raising Technology Readiness Level and involvement of students in creative ideas development

SO4) To develop continuing education dimension for capacity building of university staff, researchers and students in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and intellectual property management

SO5) To develop universities’ social engagement dimension unlocking and mobilizing university resources and capacities to society and enterprises needs

SO6) To establish five Creativity centres in Serbia as spaces facilitating creativity in teaching and learning, ideas development and proving concept through interdisciplinary communication and creation of working prototype