A visiting lecture "Experience & Challenges in Practical Application of Agile Methodologies & Scrum" was organised at the Creative Center of Metropolitan University in Niš on Thursday, May 30th 2019. The lecture was held by Milica Arsić, Milica Mitić and Jelena Ivanov - certified Scrum Masters at the IT company Badin Soft from Niš.

The lecture covered the following topics:

  • Agile Knowledge Management Methods & Scrum - goal, principles and application
  • Total Product Customization to Market Requirements - business process in short recurring cycles
  • Scrum Roles & Tasks in the Development Team - Product Owner, Scrum Master and developers
  • Experience & Challenges of the Company Badin Soft in Scrum Application in the Development Team
  • Scrum Master Certificate - certification process and available education for continuous improvement
  • Workshop - Team Rope & Balloon Game

At the beginning, the goal, principles and application of agile knowledge management methods and Scrum were introduced. Afterwards, Total Product Customization to Market Requirements was explained. Due to rapid changes, business process is organized in short recurring cycles, consisting of fast product launch into the market, fast testing and refinement based on received feedback, thus eliminating expensive errors. Tasks of each of the Scrum roles in the development team (Product Owner, Scrum Master and developers) were also presented.

Furthermore, students gained insight into the practical experience and challenges that the company Badin Soft was encountering in agile methodologies and Scrum application in the development team, in order to efficiently manage, communicate and operate the team in complex and uncertain business conditions. Students were then presented with the Scrum Master certification process and available education for continuous improvement in this field. Finally, students participated in a very interesting team game with a rope and a balloon.

During the lecture, students not only learned that agile methods application enabled efficiency, adaptability and fast innovation, but they also understood the significance of communication between the Product Owner, Scrum Master and developers in the development team. Moreover, students understood the importance of teamwork and cooperation of all members for the success of the entire team during the Team Rope & Balloon Game. Metropolitan University supports modern innovations and work methods applied by various companies worldwide.

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