On the basis of pitch presentations of student team solutions to the challenges of Proenergy I Extent and the announced winners teams by company representatives, a ceremonial award event was organized on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 at the Creativity Center of the University of Kragujevac. Apart from the students from the winning teams, the ceremony was attended by the director of the Extent company Goran Markovic, the representative of the Proenergy company Slobodan Lojanica, the project coordinator IF4TM Prof. dr Vesna Mandic, Rector of the State University in Novi Pazar Prof. Dr. Miladin Kostic, Head of the Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Sciences Prof. Dr. Jasna Radulović, assistant and member of the project team Marko Delić.

The first prize for the EXTENT challenge worth 700 EUR was awarded by Goran Marković to the students from the SUNP2 team Ahmet Halilović and Armin Bronja, while the second prize worth 300 EUR was awarded to the students of the team UKG FIN2 Nenad Pantelić, Nikola Babić, Kosta Erić, Nikola Samardžić, Nikola Markovic and Jovan Petrović.

Representative of the Proenergy company Slobodan Lojanica was awarded the first prize of 300 EUR to Milan Filipovic from the SUNP 1 team, and the second prize in the amount of 100 EUR was awarded to students of the UKG FIN1 team Nenad Pantelić, Nikola Babić and Jovan Petrović.

On that occasion, participants’ speeches were held and the general opinion was that the Open Innovation campaign is a very useful mechanism for students and companies to develop new ideas and solutions within learning through work and participation in the development of innovations for the needs of SMEs and the market.

Attendance list 11.06.2019.