Analysis of strategies and laws in the Republic of Serbia supporting the development of the third mission

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The aim of this document is to analyze and present the existing legal framework for establishment of third mission in the Republic of Serbia, both on national and institutional level. In order to achieve this, all higher education institutions participating in the project worked on gathering information on existing laws and strategies that in some of their segments define and regulate elements of the universities’ third mission: technology transfer and innovations, continuing education and social responsibility.
The starting point of this Report were data presented in the questionnaire that was developed by IST as task leader for the purpose of mapping the mechanisms for support and development of universities’ third mission. The questionnaire was used for mapping institutional and national legislative not only in Serbia, but at the EU countries level as well.
The Report is structured into four chapters.The first chapter presents laws of the Republic of Serbia regulating areas of higher education, scientific, research and innovation activities. It includes the Law on Higher Education, Law on Innovation Activity and Law on Scientific Research Activity. Each law is individually presented and explained with focus on third mission dimensions with initiatives and recommendations for their amendments or development of new laws and regulations in each abovementioned area.
The second chapter of the Report gives a preview of laws on protection of intellectual property, including the Patent law, Law on Legal Protection of Industrial Design, the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, the Law on the Protection of Trade Secrets, etc.
In the third chapter of the Report, four strategies adopted in the previous period related to the education, research, innovations, development of small and medium enterprises, development of competitiveness and entrepreneurship were presented: Strategy for Education Development in Serbia 2020, Strategy of Scientific and Technological Development 2016-2020 – “Research for innovations”, Strategy of Development of Adult Education in the Republic of Serbia and Strategy of Development of Small and Medium Enterprises, Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness 2015-2020. For each presented strategy, a short analysis with the focus on measures and mechanisms for support to the development of three dimensions of third mission was given besides the analyses of existing action plans, preview of recent activities in the implementation of strategies and existing action plans and recommendations for future implementation of measures recommended in each strategy.
At the end of the Report, a special chapter is dedicated to the National Recommendations, developed by the Higher Education Reform Expert (HERE) team of the Republic of Serbia, formed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

Within the ongoing IF4TM project, project activities were initiated after the kick-off meeting held on 3rd and 4th December 2015. On this occasion, it was agreed to form the Work Group for analysis, development and improvement of strategies and laws in Serbia related to the third mission of universities.