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D1.5 Benchmarking report

Based on the analysis of legal frameworks at both national and institutional level in Europe and Serbia presented within four reports produced within IF4TM project (D1.1, D1.2, D1.3 and D1.4), the benchmarking analysis was conducted. As the results of this analysis, the Benchmarking report was developed in order to position Serbia and its higher education institution compared to EU examples, and to identify the gaps in this area. In that sense, the objectives of D1.5 Benchmarking report are:

• to provide the benchmarking analysis of the Third Mission in EU Partner countries and Serbia, at national and institutional levels;
• to identify good EU practices and Third Mission models that could be adopted in Serbia at national and institutional levels;
• to identify and describe problems and challenges in relevant areas;
• to recommend how to reduce the identified gaps between good EU practices and Serbian current practice.

Benchmarking analysis meeting held at University of Novi Sad

Benchmarking analysis meeting was held in University of Novi Sad, on June 24th within the IF4TM project. The benchmarking analysis meeting was organised by University of Novi Sad as partner institution of the project.
The participants of the meeting were welcomed by Prof. Dr Goran Stojanović leader of Novi Sad project team and Prof. Dr Vesna Mandić, project coordinator.
Prof. Dr Dagan Domazet from Belgrade Metropolitan University presented D1.5 Report presentation, its structure and progress. Prof. Domazet underlined that this report is made from the data collected during this project and that the tables of “gaps and recommendations” should be filled by each Serbian HEIs until the end of July 2016. Prof. Mandić suggested that this deliverable should be “live” and to be modified during the project implementation, consortium accepted. Tim Katz suggested that EU partners should add no only proven methods but their ideas for improvement, too.
The event was closed at 15:30 in accordance with the Agenda

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