A creative workshop "Creative Process - Phases & Techniques" was organised at the Creative Center of Metropolitan University in Niš on Thursday, April 4th 2019. The workshop was held by MSc Ecc Milica Mladenović, Manager of the Creative Center and Teaching Assistant at Metropolitan University’s Faculty of Management.

The workshop covered the following topics:

* Presentation on different criteria for idea assessment

* Reviewing different approaches to choosing an idea

* Guidelines for idea enhancement and upgrade

* Reviewing an idea from the perspective of market research, feasibility, and commercialization potential

* Assigning tasks for market research on potential ideas to students gathered into teams

At the beginning, Milica Mladenovic held a presentation and a workshop on the phases and techniques of the creative process. Thereby, students gained new insight into different approaches to choosing an idea, as well as into possible ways of thinking for improvement and enahncement of the already existing ideas. Furthermore, students realized the importance of reviewing an idea from the market aspect (commercialization potential), but also from the feasibility aspect. Afterwards, students were assigned tasks for market research regarding their expressed ideas.

Students of various departments of Metropolitan University have gained a wider perspective on the factors to be considered in the idea analysis, which they were very grateful for. This principle of organising creative workshops enables the integration and cooperation of all students in the joint development of their ideas.

List of participants