The Local final of the competition for the best ides of students at the University of Novi Sad was held on 30/06/2017 in amphitheatre of the Central University Building of the University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia.

Out of 38 ideas submitted through INNO students platform, the following 8 ideas and teams were presented in the final: Body Fit Monitor - M^3, Desing your life - Urbani Nomadi, Kasako - Pola mrmota, Muzicka kutija - BoxIdea, Realize -MTM, ReserveIT - TeamVALID, Smart Tshirt - DBI Invest, Trgomanija - Hello World.

After presentations of all teams and after calculations of the marks from Jury members (40%) and from previously evaluated Business plan (60 %) three the best teams were awarded with valuable awards:

(1)   Team DBI Invest – 100.000,00 RSD as well as tablets;

(2)   Team M^3 – 70.000,00 RSD as well as Blueplag gadget;

(3)   Team BoxIdea – 50.000,00 RSD as well as USB memories.

First two teams will represent University of Novi Sad at the National competition in Belgrade.

The sponsors of awards for this competition were: Provincial secretariat for higher education and scientific research, company Ibis Instruments Belgrade, company RT-RK Novi Sad and company CAM Engineering Novi Sad.

List of participants