An introductory workshop "Introduction to the Concept of Creative Center" was organised at the Creative Center of Metropolitan University in Niš on Tuesday, March 19th 2019. The workshop was held by MSc Ecc Milica Mladenović, Manager of the Creative Center and Teaching Assistant at Metropolitan University’s Faculty of Management.

The workshop consisted of three parts:

• Presentation on the concept of Creative Center - mission, vision, goals and weekly activities

• Creative workshop for supporting students in creative thinking and creativity enhancement

• Idea brainstorming and interactive discussion

At the very beginning, Milica Mladenović introduced the students to the concept of the Creative Center, and presented the mission, vision, goals and planned weekly activities in the Creative Center. Thereby, she emphasized the importance of connecting and co-operating of students of different departments in expressing and developing ideas. Affterwards, students from all faculties and study years of Metropolitan University expressed their ideas in a brainstorming session, followed by an interactive discussion with suggestions for idea improvements.

Metropolitan University is very pleased with the positive energy that could be felt during the first workshop held in the Creative Center, as well as with a remarkable level of creativity and cooperation shown by students of different departments. Metropolitan University always strives to enable its students to acquire new knowledge and skills, while providing them with an opportunity to express and develop their creativity.

List of participants