Оn 8th May 2018, a meeting of IF4TM project team from University of Kragujevac and representatives of Technology Transfer Facility program of Serbian Innovation Fund was held in the Collaborative Training Center of University of Kragujevac.

The participants were

  • Mladjan Stojanovic, the coordinator of TTF program
  • John A. Fraser, expert for TTF program 
  • Domagoj Oreb, expert for TTF program
  • Ivana Kostic, IF Technology Transfer Associate from Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia, as well as 
  • Prof. Dr. Vesna Mandic, IF4TM project coordinator 
  • Vladimir Vukadinovic, the head of Technology Transfer Center of University of Kragujevac 
  • Jelena Jevtovic, IF4TM project team member 
  • Zarko Gavrilovic, IF4TM project team member on behalf of the University of Kragujevac. 

The topic of the meeting was the development of Technology Transfer Center of the University of Kragujevac and available support IF can provide to the Center. The UKG team received some valuable inputs and recommendations for realization of TTC activities, such as introduction of scouts and WIPO Guidelines for establishing TTOs that is to be published by the end of the year.

Another aspect of the meeting was dedicated to the ongoing Proof-of-Concept program. The participants discussed about the support to the research teams within the PoC program, and the modalities of support they can receive by the Innovation Fund programs. During the discussion, the practice of introduction of Letters of Interest by companies into the application for PoC program was presented and adopted as most probable upgrade to the existing IF4TM PoC methodology.